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I've been hanging around the forum for a short period of time. This is my first miata and the previous owner was well... a POS and let the car rot... wonky speed cable, dings, dents, fading paint, broken bumpers, idle issues, tears in the carpet, etc etc... I over paid way too much buying the thing and since then, I've been restoring it very slowly. Once it's fully restored and runs strong, I will start to mod. Until then, I have a few things I need to get rid of.

Location: Glendora, CA
Local Pick-Up

Classic Red Left side door + Manual mirror - $25
It has a few dings and the paint is horrible. I replaced my door with one I bought on this forum.
It doesn't come with the door card nor window. Only the triangle window, mirror, hinges, and the door are included.

Left Side glass window - $10
Pictured above.

Left Side Power Window Regulator - $40
Came with the door I bought off of here, but I have manual windows.

Stock Speakers - $5
They worked when I test drove the car with the owner, but I never found out how to use his horrible headunit. I ditched the headunit and went for the ipod/amp route. I replaced the stock speakers with a pair of Polk Audio DB651s.


Anyone know how to post photos from flickr?
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