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So I was cleaning the car yesterday and noticed a sticker shadow on my passenger front fender, which I could only see from certain angles and with the light shining right on it. It read "RECARO special." At first I thought that it was a shadow from something else, but after removing the sun (with hand) it was still there. Then I thought it was just me, but my dad could see it as well. I took a picture, and tried to edit it and trace over the writing a bit:

It is only on the one side as the other sides' fender has been replaced at some point. Basically the script looks like what can be seen on my driver side sill:

Basically, as I have no history on the car (was imported from Japan to New Zealand, then from New Zealand to Australia), I was wondering if anyone had ever come across a photo of a mariner with such a sticker? Or if anyone knew the origin of the sticker?

Thanks in advance :)
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