Rattle caned my wheels - Duplicolor Graphite

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Last year for my NA, I picked up a set of 5 spokes off an Acura Integra type r for cheap. They had been rattle canned at least 2 different times that I could tell. A dark green and when I got them they were a matte black. They were extremely dirty and the matte black looked bad. So I decided to paint them again. Picked up 2 cans of Duplicolor Graphite wheel paint. Since they were already painted a matte color, I figured no prep other than clean them would be necessary. I soaked them in wheel cleaner and then wiped them down with soapy water. Since they already had tires mounted, I opted for the note card method and did 1 extra step of running some painters tape around the tire where over spray might happen. Here are the results.



Man it needs a wash...

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I've used this color before I love it.
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