Rear Brake Help!!!

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I'm in the process of put new rear brakes on. The problem i'm having with the pads is that I cant get the lower end bolt off. The problem I'm having with the rotor is that it is stuck. I looked for a screw hole but there isn't one is there any other way to get them off?
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As far as the lower bracket bolt, try some type of loosener like PB Blaster and let it soak.

The rear rotor doesn't slide off like the front one I don't think. I think you have to remove the hib cotter pin and nut.
which hib cotter pin and nut? the nut where the bearings are?
The big one in the middle.

Also, in order to remove the rotor, you have to remove the caliper bracket.
STOP... do not remove the hub cotter pin and nut. Your rotor is probably seized on the hub. Get a rubber mallet and hit the rotor outward. BUT first you have to remove the caliper bracket.

As for the bolt, Yeah just use wd40/liquidwrench etc....
the bolt has a bushing around it. so it is hard to get a socket or a wrench around it. do you know which bolt I'm talking about?
Are you just changing the rotors and pads?
The only bolts to remove are the Wheel lugs, caliper sliding bolts, and caliper bracket mounting bolts. When you put the new pads in, there is a bolt hidden inside a cover bolt to release the tension of the brake piston.

Please take pics if you can...I can help.
Hope you have a better time than car is still sitting at my work minus a rear left caliper which is on order. Stupid upper pin, which is supposed to slide, is completely seized and won't budge, and of course nobody had the caliper AND bracket in stock.
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