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Hey... I was wondering who sold a good rebuild kit for the 1.6? I'm going to rebuild a motor over the winter but cant find a good rebuild kit. I seem to remember Flyin' Miata making a rebuild kit but its not on their site anymore #-o Could someone point me in the right direction?


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It's not in their website anymore?
That's weird, I'll call Keith and ask him...I bet they still have it!
The only thing that I remember is that it was pretty expensive...
I was adding options :) and at the end was like 13K or something :):):)

From Keith @ FM:

We found the valve stem seals were defective, so we pulled the kits
until we were able to source some good ones. We should have them back
soon. If you don't need valve stem seals, we can still provide the kit.

Keith Tanner
Flyin' Miata
[email protected]
1-800-FLY-MX5s (orders)
1-970-242-3800 (tech)
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