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Dug it from the grave, this thread. Been dreaming about this seat lately. Anyone here have one?
Those seats are nice, but if you're talking about the OEM set....
Lane Change on RX-7 Club accidentally bought a set. I almost bought those from him, but decided against it. He has since decided to retro fit them in his FD. He still might consider selling them since he's still having trouble getting them to fit properly in his car. Honestly though, there are more functional seats that offer just as much comfort for the $1800 - $2800 you'd have to fork over to get them. You SHOULD be able to retro fit FD Kevlar Recaros using stock rails. Despite the OEM pimp factor that these bring to either the FD or the Miata you should note, the kevlar you see on any of these is nothing more than an overlay on top of fiberglass.

Still nice seats though. If you could somehow swing a deal on these to get them around $1500 with the OEM rails, it would most definitely be worth it.
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