red roadster at the pep boy's on bristol and baker in costa mesa

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So my girlfriend works across the street and she said she saw a really nice, really clean roadster sometime between 5 and 6pm. She said it was red with a black(or dark colored) hardtop and she thought the wheels were gold with a polished lip....she said they might be work equip 03's. Oh and she also said the car was really low and it went up the driveway sideways and really slow. It was at the pep boy's on bristol....right next to the lad mall place. Was it anyone on here?
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I knew it!!!! hahaha. Once I heard you had 9's in the rear I knew you picked up the 03's from takumi. Yeah, she said your car was one of the nicest roadster she's ever seen!

Oh and is anybody else impressed that she identifyed some equip 03's?!?! hahaha...she's awesome :D
That's what my girlfriend was saying too. "She knows Work Equip?" Haha. I work at the Lab, that's why your girlfriend saw me.
Oh no way....what store do you work at? She works across the street in the camp.
I work at Eye 5, the sunglasses store. Come check it out. I am Peter, the short Asian guy.
hahaha...yeah I'll stop by sometime.

Oh and if you ever see a tall, skinny white guy with dark hair and a short lil girl with white hair walking around your car and looking at it in awe that'll be us. haha
you work at the lab?! lol i live near there kinda... adams and harbor/fairview
That's fine. I am usually the only person around at the shop. You guys are more than welcome to come hang out and talk cars.
I work there everyday except Tuesday and Thursday. You guys can come hang out anytime after 3p.m. Just give me a call if you guys are heading over.
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