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Came close to eating the rear end of that S2000 a couple times. That car didn't have the understeer normally associated with Miatas going around a racetrack in a hurry.
Nice video, so what's the tyre and suspension setup?

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I sort figured no one would read the info at the beginning of the video or on the youtube page. Car info

This car is always changing, getting parts tested on it and so forth.


  • [*]SCCA legal Hard Dog double diagonal 4 point roll bar (not cage)
    [*]Bolt-in Door Bars
    [*]2.5 lb fire bottle
    [*]6 pt Team Tech cam lock harnesses
    [*]Recaro SPG seats
    [*]Nielex adjustable side mounts driver seat rail
    [*]Adjustable steering column length (1.5" range)
    [*]350mm Momo 78, suede steering whee, quick release
    [*]I/O port camera mount
    [*]Racepak G2X datalogger & dash
Suspension/drive train

  • [*]6 Speed transmission
    [*]15x9 6UL Gen II wheels, black
    [*]225/45/15 NT01 or Hankook RS3
    [*]Carbotech XP10/XP8 brakes
    [*]Braided stainless brake lines
    [*]Motul RBF600 fluid bled after every event
    [*]Wilwood proportioning valve
    [*]Xida-S coilovers 700/400 springs
    [*]Racing Beat 1.125" front sway bar
    [*]MazdaSpeed 14mm rear sway bar
    [*]949Racing end links
    [*]Clutchnet stage 1 organic clutch - rigid hub
    [*]Fidanza lightweight flyweel
    [*]Torsen LSD
    [*]4.3 drive ratio
    [*]All bushings Energy Suspension Urethane
    [*]Depowered quick ratio steering rack
    [*]Tein Shock Tower Brace
    [*]No ABS
    [*]Amsoil 75-90 trans and diff lube
    [*]Alignment specs

  • [*]01+ bottom end with 10.0:1 compression
    [*]99 head, mildly ported
    [*]BP5A intake cam
    [*]AEM ECU
    [*]Racing beat header
    [*]2.5" race exhaust with Racing Beat muffler (quiet enough for Laguna Seca).
    [*]Cold air intake
    [*]M-Tuned coolant reroute
    [*]32mm CSF radiator - distilled water and water wetter only
    [*]Amsoil 5-30

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so i noticed that this car was exceptionally Low at Big Willow. that mustve been under 12" ride height. this car puts down amazing times.
am i to expect that you had the 2.8* camber up front and the 2.5* camber in the rear ? and im reading this right with 0* toe in the rear?
also the caster is alot less then what im running.
this car is pretty amazing for what it has.
Emilio ,can you tell us what You think is the Key to this car running such fast times?
Xida-S ? 6speed + 4.3 ? Motor ?
obviously , this car is all suspension ,and tires, with a little motor and weightloss loving thrown in . but some of these times are pretty unbelievable, close enough to unlimited times. i think in Texas this could challenge the unlimited class. you should do that. ofcourse .

ofcourse Emilio is a hell of a driver. one of the best ive seen , in any car.

anyone who has driven SOW CCW should know that there is a great example of how to run into the Bowl , off the back straight. at 2:13 in that video above , it shows the lotus in front take the slow line, and emilio run up his bum with the fast line . its very obvious.

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I'd say the biggest chunk of the speed is the tires and wheels, next would be the Xida's. Gearing and lightweight clutch next. The rest is all tenths of a second for each little tweak.

The Key, is attention to detail and careful tuning. The same parts given to someone else to build, tune and drive might be a tad faster, or a bunch slower.

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It certainly has many of the things I want for my 99. Build for fun and reliability for sure

Would love to install some XIDAS.
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