Repairing a broken front bumper

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Hey guys!

My car has been damaged for a few months now, and I've taken it to several body shops to see how much they would charge me for repairing the front bumper. The bumper has been ripped / cracked in two places.

The guys at the several body shops I went to, told me it would be really hard to fix this bumper, due to the material it is made of. They told me they'd do it, but they charge me a fortune. Getting another bumper is near impossible, because there are very few MX5s over here.

So, in case I want to try and fix the bumper myself, what kind of resin or other product should I use? I want to do it properly, and not just use some filler and fiberglass to put it back to shape...


(picture of the damage, in case you're wondering...)
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It wouldn't be too hard to fix that. First off all you would need to do it clean it all good and sand it down then fiberglass over it. And then just top it off with some bondo on top sand it all down and itll be chill!
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