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I'm planning a new project. Having always loved JDM styling and pretty much anything that isn't available over here I want to build a Miata. JDM interior and exterior but with a twist on the drivetrain... I want to run a 5.0 Mustang V8. All the style of Japan with the torque and brute power of the states...

I was originally going to make the exterior a british theme since my inspiration comes from a Shelby Cobra Replica project i was working on last summer... but I think JDM is the way to go...

What do you guys think? Any suggestions on the direction i should take (styling wise) would be neat to hear...


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you can get brute power for a lot less and easier than using a mustang v8 surely ?

lot less weight hanging over the front too ...

for retro styling check out :


Zoom Engineering

Pit Crew Racing




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what sort of bodywork are you capable of? Making one off stuff? Or just using bolt on stuff? if it's the latter, the ducks-garden fairlady replica is the only retro jdm looking option out there. if not, make something like the cosmo 21 :D

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Hmm, a decent V8 is always going to beat the most highly strung B6/BP engine for brute power. I remember a dyno day where a Rover 3.9 V8 engined Roadster whipped for torque the most powerful FM2'd car on the day. Ok, it was a bit down on power, but hadn't really been tuned (the owner later swapped it for a TVR-Rover V8 motor). A crate 400-500hp Ford V8 is easily available for $3-4000 (and thats reliable power), add into a off-the shelf subframe kit; the Panache kit is $4k, and contains everything bar the engine and box (I think). The Bishop kit is a bit more. I think one UK owner has sunk something like $30k into his MX5, and is just about scratching at the power of these V8s.
You can even keep it all Japanese by installing a Lexus V8, a conversion popular down under.

As for weight; I think the response from owners is that the added nose weight is over stated. These cars are still great to drive, and weight distribution remains at nearly 50-50.

Anyhow, a Rover V8, aluminium blocked, is lighter than many 4-pots (rule of thumb; its a tad lighter than a Ford Pinto engine).
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