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Hey everyone,

ACRE Brakes in collaboration with REV9 Autosport opens a partial sponsorship program for NA, NB, NC or ND Miata racers. We have limited number of spots available for 2016 to promote ACRE during racing events. The sponsorship will get you highly discounted brake pads for your race car.

Brakes offered:
Please check out our latest blog post about Differences between ACRE Brake Pads. They fit on OEM Brake Calipers. If you are running Big Brake Kit, we’ll need to check if any brake pads will suit your needs.

-Attend multiple racing events throughout the year
-Proof of top 5 position in the previous 2 years (the more, the better)
-Provide review of the braking experience to us
-Put REV9 & Acre Brakes decals on the exterior of your car (small decals)

How to apply?
Simply send us an email at [email protected] with a picture of your car, a modification list and proof of racing results from the previous seasons and we’ll give you a reply if you are part of the program in the next 2 weeks. Also, let us know what type of brake pads you’d be interested in!
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