Rev9 MS2V3 for 2002 question.

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I apologize ahead of time if this has been covered, but while my searches bring up plenty of good information on the older cars and ITB's, very little is to be brought up with the newer ones with VVT.

Currently I own a 2002 6 speed LS, I've looked over turbo's and superchargers, but am honestly just not looking for ultimate power. Plus I have always had a thing for that looks and sound of the ITB's.

My main question of this post is about the management Rev9 gives the option to include for their ITB kit. How are the base maps on there? Are they okay enough to allow for basic instant start up? How about okay enough for even a week of mild driving before being able to get to the tuner?

Other than that, that's about the only question I have left with the Rev9 kit before I order, although if you feel there is anything more worth knowing about it and 01-05 cars, feel free to let me know, the more info the better.
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