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Epic Horn Buttons

I have a new type of horn button in my store. I'm calling it the Epic Horn button.

The fit and finish is the highest I've seen on an aftermarket button. Lovely satin finish bezel, an inner black trim ring, and non-brittle plastic that likes to bend instead of shatter.

There's a few items included with the Epic button - a horn retainer ring and a pair of wire leads. The wires make connecting to a quick release a bit easier. Probably 95% of customers won't need this, but it makes it nice for those few with odd hardware that want to use this button.

The two buttons next to each other show the differences. There's an inner ring on the Epic button and none on the Basic. The outer bezel on the Epic is satin finished, while the Basic is more glossy and can have scratches from the factory. The Epic button has higher quality plastic, while the Basic can be rather brittle.

The Epic button also comes with a universal horn retainer ring to allow the button to work with nearly any and every steering wheel. Momo bolt pattern, Nardi bolt pattern, 5 bolt Grant pattern, they all work.

Regular price will be $49 and shipping, which is only $10 higher than the Basic button. I'm having an intro sale through the end of June. The Epic Buttons are $45 and shipping.

Hit my store and get a fresh button for your wheel.
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