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Version Starship for NA

  • All-plastic, robot-cut gauge face set for all NA Miatas (89-97).
  • Matte finish. Blue/black face, white text.
  • 6:00 Zero position.
  • 0-8000 RPM, 0-140 MPH.
  • Redline at 7000.
Go to my store for price and ordering info.

Day Mode

Feel like you've seen these gauges before? You probably have. This set started out as a custom order. There were enough requests for copies that I asked the owner about putting a version in my store. He agreed and Starship is the result.

This set of gauges is inspired by the late Dewa-san's star gauges. Into the Blue, Bluestar and Stardust have always been an inspiration to me. Getting to do my own take on those masterpieces was wonderful.

Night Mode

I hope the late Dewa-san would approve of my tribute to his beautiful work.
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