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This is kind of a big deal for me. This is the first set (that I know about) of gauges for the NC to extend the speed and tach scale range.

Revolver for NC!

By using the auto trans shift area for the 0-2000 range, the NC2/3 tach can reach all the way to 9500. I believe the NC1 will be able to reach 9000.

Obviously, this set is not available for automatic NCs.

I've also extended the speed scale to 170 mph. Two warning lights (both for flat tire warning in the US) are deleted to achieve this.

And while it's possible to go higher than 170 around the side, the NC speedometer can only reach 165 mph before it hits the end stop. So... 170 seemed good enough.

At night, the standard lighting limits are seen. 2000-9500 are well lit on the tach side, with the needle not having a rotation limit for lighting. On the speed side, 0-150 is lit.

I'm SUPER proud of being able to do this. It seems simple now, but I had some sort of mental block about extending the NC gauges before. Glad to finally be over that.

This is probably a super-niche gauge set, but there's gotta be a few folks out there who would like to have more range on their tachometer. Changing the redline is very simple and can be done with a custom order.

Revolver gauges for the NC are in the revlimiter Store now!
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