ride height issues on brand new coil-overs

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I fitted a brand new set of coil overs a few weeks back, and its not sitting evenly. i have adjusted both sides to the bottom (on the back) but the driver's side sits about an inch higher. The car was on the ground when I tightened the anti roll bars, so it can't be pre-load on the bolts. the only thing i can think of is that when i first fitted them, I missed a washer off so i had to remove the top mount, but my gun wasn't fast enough so the damper pin just kept spinning. I tried a few times before I gave up and went to use an airline the next day. Could this of knackered a seal?
I can't tell if any oil has leaked because they were hard to adjust when I first got them, so I covered them in WD40 to make it easier.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?
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just because you set the coils the same does not mean the car will sit evenly...

my Subaru was all kinds of off tilter... just set it so its even who gives a **** about what the coils are set at?
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