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Hey guys! The beginning chunks of this thread is a copy/paste from my m-net thread with a few edits. I've been meaning to share my progress here as well.

Current mod list as of January 2020:

⁃ 1.6 SNC (standard)
⁃ Test pipe

⁃ 5-speed with 4.3 VLSD (standard)
⁃ Garagestar delrin differential bushings

⁃ KW variant 1 with Eibach springs (7k front, 6k rear)
⁃ Static Nine frame rails
⁃ Eibach front sway bar - 24mm (5515.320F)

⁃ ’94-01 non-sport brake calipers and rotors
⁃ Stainless steel soft lines
⁃ Copper-nickel hard lines

⁃ 14x7 Panasport Pro Rally wheels
⁃ 195/60-14 Falken Azeris FK612 tires

⁃ NB hardtop
⁃ European rear plate garnish
⁃ Hella H4 E-code headlight conversion, Osram Night Breaker Laser bulbs
⁃ Runabout M2 side mirrors, convex glass conversion
⁃ R-package replica front lip
⁃ Escape/Tribute washer nozzles

⁃ VW 12v LED flashlight (7L6-947-175A-01C)
⁃ 330mm Broadway rear view mirror
⁃ European NA Momo wheel
⁃ US ’93 LE red seat belts
⁃ US 140 mph speedometer
⁃ LED cluster bulbs
⁃ ’94-97 hazard/lights up switch
⁃ ’94-97 rear defroster switch (working on an OEM retrofit)
⁃ European ’99-05 combo front/rear fog light switch
⁃ Japanese ’94-97 auto-up/down window switch

⁃ Suzuki Cappuccino washer bottle
⁃ Kenauto delrin door bushings

My name is Julian and I own a Japanese-spec early 1990 Eunos Roadster now resides in Delaware byway of England. This August will make it five years since I've purchased it. Her name is Riley (#rileytheroadster is the hashtag I use when posting photos)

I've always been a Honda guy. The car I was brought home in was an '82 Civic hatch and majority of the cars my parents owned were Hondas. We even had a Honda lawn mower and generator as well, despite my father being a Harley kinda guy. :dunno: I currently daily a '09 Honda Fit with over 500k miles (yes, miles). I also have a '75 CB360 and a '93 Elite 50 which has the more desired '94-01 engine (kinda like a 1.6 NA going 1.8)

One of the nicest photos I have of this thing. I really ran this one into the ground, but at least no one stole it. :D

Before purchasing my Mia... errr Roadster, my project car (well 50% daily) was a 1999 Acura Integra GSR. It was Milano Red with black leather equipped with Koni coilovers and a JDM Civic Type R transmission along with a few other goodies. I've had it for about four years, but the third year had brought up its fate.

Driving home, I had tapped into an old lady's rear bumper after she had abruptly stopped which totaled the Integra. She escaped with just needing a new bumper cover while I needed a new bumper cover myself but also a headlight, hood, radiator support and to replace the now-crushed passenger side apron. Aside from the apron, I was not as upset because I had planned to do a JDM front end and my front bumper cover was trashed anyway. Just a few hundred shy of 200k, my insurance company deemed it totaled. Once I had told them I wanted to continue driving the car with a salvage title, they mentioned I cannot have full coverage anymore. I didn't want to build an Integra and not have full coverage, so I had to figure out if I wanted to source a clean title running Integra or rolling shell, or just sell everything and start something else.

It was a hard decision to choose between another Integra or another car in general, especially picking the latter after hoarding parts (OEM+ and aftermarket goodies) for years. One day after going to a car show, I visited my buddy's booth and saw his recently imported car which is not what he normally brings over being a VW/Audi nerd.

After learning he decided to sell it due to buying more cars (he has over 15- i may be underestimating, majority VAG cars) he needed to thin the non-VAG inventory and this was one of them. Two weeks later, I had purchased it without the wheels shown. At first I was skeptical due to the rust, but I know enough body guys that will help me with that issue. It came with the NB hardtop and I like a good challenge, so it was a perfect fit, especially with me wanting one of these for a while. Once I drove my friend's old 94 R-package years ago with Koni yellows and a RB front sway, I was sold on them.

In case you were curious with the Integra's fate, here you go.

I had parted the Integra out completely and scrapped the shell. I sold the engine and trans for a heavy bit of coin, as well as gave most of my interior to a friend of mine for future body work favors. Everything else was sold or scrapped. All I have left of it is hardware, wiring harness, the rear seats (almost perfect condition) and the rear seat panels to make a love seat in the future. The radio I had in it is currently in the Fit.

Once I got the Integra out of the way, I drove the living hell out of this car. I even drove it daily for six months straight when my previous daily, a sleeper chipped '98 Jetta TDI, crapped the bed. I normally do about 2-3k miles a month and this was not my first RHD car, so it wasn't too terrible. Winter was nice though because the interior was always so hot ? I was always spotted in it too by some friends.


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Down the road, I purchased these 15x7 +38 Kosei K1s for cheap and a R-package (replica) front lip to make it a little better. I even swapped out the dreaded sealed beam headlights for Hella E-codes and Osram bulbs. To add an OEM+ touch to the interior, I sourced a European NB dual front/rear fog light switch and a NB rear defroster switch. Neither are wired up yet.

Fast forward a little, I had cracked the oil pan. A trailer that was passing through had broken an axle and debris was everywhere. I didn't notice a huge metal chunk in my path until it was too late. At first, I didn't think I was leaking oil until I had realized my car was smoking from the oil hitting the exhaust at stoplights. Luckily I was not far from home, so I had made it without losing oil pressure and the rest leaked on my driveway.

I found a replacement pan the next day and immediately went to swapping it. I didn't want to drop the subframe, so I pulled the motor.

Everything was cake and once I had tried to fire it up, it would start, but then immediately died. Then I noticed the car leaked fuel... Turns out when putting the engine back in, I had kinked a hard fuel line as well as a brake line. It was in an awkward spot and since the lines were beyond rusty, there was no way I was able to tap in a new section...

Fast forward again and I had decided to take the liberty on really making this a project. Long story short I didn't have enough time to take my time on this because of the holidays, funds, and I had a deadline to move out...

Told you it had rust...

Above: I did majority of the labor myself, but I had some friends help me out along the process...

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The subframe and rest came out with only two broken bolts throughout the entire procedure. Once everything was out, I put on some IPI one step rust killer (it was given to me for free) and painted the areas where the subframe was touching. I had sourced some new and used OEM lines and put on some rust free hardware for the new rust free parts.

Powdercoated gloss black 94-97 subframe, rust free and sourced from Florida, next to the original. Not shown: rust free upper control arms from Arizona...

Replaced the lines. You can see the difference in between the originals and new ones, which were painted with Rustoleum undercoating.

Installed Garage Star delrin differential bushings to replaced the worn originals.

Everything is in... mostly! It has been about six months since I started removing everything and was finally on all fours.

Before I was able to drive it again, I had to do a few more things. Riley still didn't have functional brakes, so copper lines replaced the rusty OEM ones as well as some stainless steel lines to replaced the cracking rubber lines. To go along with new lines, I installed 1.8 calipers and rotors as well.

Another issue were the rear knuckles. They were still the original rusty ones and there was too much play for comfort, so I had visited a guy that was parting out a 26k mile Miata and even got a few more stuff from it. One of the rear axles were replaced too with a new aftermarket one.

First time driving it in a year and a half...

As I was driving it, I noticed the pedal would get damn close to the floor. I throughly bled the system beforehand and since the master cylinder was also original, it was replaced with a new one and everything was right again.

The paint was showing some flaws, so I gave it a good buff. Its been a while since I did anything to it, so it was overdue. I last buffed it two months before it went down, too. You can see the difference in oxidation on the hood, with the left side and E-type hump already treated.

All done! I still have to buff the hardtop and rear bumper, but this is good for now.

On a rainy day, I decided to swap out the Mazda/MX-5 emblems for the proper Eunos Roadster emblems. I stuck with the original locations as if it was on the non-European finish panel.

I still have a long ways to go with this thing...

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Visited the guy with the wrecked 26k mile Miata again, except I left with something relatively large...

They both fit in the Fit!

Both sides underneath are almost perfect... almost. Note the scrapes, very light surface rust, and the one dent from a jack on the passenger side by the rail. Still better than mine.

OEM Eunos keys, a primary with an emblem and secondary key-

Picked up some seven spokes for $10 from a member on here. Might put some sticky tires on these once I get new coilovers.

New OEM ignition switch since I ruined the last one thinking it caused my no-start issue. Car started but lacked HVAC, power windows, and wipers.

Picked up these within a week- '93 LE seat belts from Treasure Coast Miata and a cheap top boot I got from a guy locally.

Belts need cleaning for sure, but they are really growing on me. Top boot isn't too highway friendly although I'm sure there is some missing hardware. I'll put it on just putting around town, I suppose.

Had to replace the thermostat, which wasn't too fun. Spent more time drilling out the stripped bolt for sure...

Got rust free lower control arms recently. Once these are on, the entire rear suspension will be rust free! Gonna sand down and paint the one that has the light scrapes.

Drove around one night, which was raining by the way. Noticed my wipers were slower than normal, but five minutes later, my interior lights were dimming rapidly and then I lost my headlights. Oh and my wipers stopped of course. That was not a fun drive home. Fixed the issue though.

Picked up a used, good condition alternator. Came relatively quick.

Best update for last - picked these up for a decent price and they aren't blown. Will probably rebuild these in the future.


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A buddy of mine hooked me up on a wheel that he had laying around. Finally got rid of my rough and taped up wheel for this-

Found some time to throw on the new-to-me coilovers with a help of a friend that isn't my dog that doesn't help too much... :D

Also installed my rust free LCAs. Now the rear suspension is complete minus a rear sway bar which I am back and forth on.

Shocks are KW and the springs are Eibach on a 7/6k setup with helper springs.

Old and crusty...

We got to wrenching...

Also might have learned the differences with NA and NB rear LCAs, unless someone hacked up the end link mounting points.

New and cushy...

To the scrap yard you go!

Once they were on, we raised the car up a tad bit. It's not dumped on its face anymore like before-

It's almost like its a different car with a new wheel and suspension!

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Went to Shenandoah National Park and drove through Skyline Drive with a buddy of mine.

He also took this nice roller on the way home.

Became a victim of the dreaded broken dipstick. Got a new OEM one from Priority Mazda.

Around Thanksgiving (2018) week, I had a front brake caliper seize on me. Car's been sitting since and all of December. I ended up going to Treasure Coast Miata while I was in Florida and picked up some replacement calipers. Riley is also sporting a new pair of front rotors along with Akebono ceramic pads.

Lately I've gotten quite annoyed with the UK Import speedometer face. At night time, it was always brighter than the rest of the cluster, the speed measurements are in imperial (mph) but odometer and trip meters are metric (km) which was annoying, and the 110 mph max speed was a bit dumb. Luckily I picked up a cluster with the mileage pretty damn close to mine, so it worked out well. I threw in some LEDs which were a little overkill in my opinion, but has grown on me. I don't have a dimmer switch by the way and I'm unsure if the car even came with one from the factory. I've also polished up the lens and it made a world of a difference.

I can't say I've spent too much time in an American-spec Miata, but it was neat seeing some of the differences compared to mine. I did know my tachometer was lacking an airbag light as well as the cluster lacking a CEL, but I did learn the Japanese-market tachometer has a higher redline.

This was my original speedometer:

The lens before:

...and after:

I've also sold the high-visibility Kosei K1s that I've owned for majority of my time with Riley. Friends were either really happy or really sad about it haha. I was ready for a change...

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Runabout M2 mirrors with convex glass-

Glass before and after-

New thermostat housing because mine leaked and did not want to do another bandaid fix.

Mazdaspeed Competition Mounts. I've been needing mounts for a while and I got tired of the clunking from the diff because it has delrin bushings. Shifting got annoying as well. Such a night and day difference after installing these.

Test pipe because my cat had a leak and the studs stripped. No photos but use your imagination.

The perfect ice breaker for Summer 2019... What's all of this?

Good before and after shot-

New upper control arms, good condition then painted 94-97 knuckles from Arizona, good condition lower control arms from a locally parted out car here, new lower ball joints, and inner and outer tie rods. Even put on new alignment bolts.

Also put on the Panasports mounted with as 195/60-14 Falken Azenis RT615K+ tires

After getting it all aligned, a buddy and I took it out for the day-


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I surely understand the reasons behind the change but I must admit those Koseis looked pretty neat in a weird way.
Good job with the car, keep it up!

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Thanks! I do miss them from time to time. If I ever go back to Koseis, I'd like a +30 offset instead.

Muffler rusted on the piping and perforations, causing it to be louder and drone most of the time its driven. The tip even came off.

A buddy of mine welded another one on for me. Had a muffler sitting around that came off an NA that had 1000 miles at the time, but it was cut off.

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Installed a light from a Volkswagen that I didn't mind having :D:rolleyes:

Finally got a hold of a nose mask that fits over the front lip.

Picked up a Raceland rack yesterday and put it to use today:


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Nice work so far.

Haven't done too much to this lately, except for drive it.

Although I do have some stuff to share:

Base model (non-AC) fan knob:

24mm Eibach adjustable front sway bar, set to 25mm, RB mount blocks and end links:

Front tires are angry now. Wish it was warm enough to throw the Falkens back on...

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