RIP "Crocodile Hunter"

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gillaintegra said:
Suprisingly not killed by a crocodile.....
Man, this really bummed me out when I heard this. RIP Steve Irwin, my thoughts and condolences go out to you and your family.
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Son of a bitch. One of the last real hard ass dudes in the world. damn. that's a down ending for my night. I'm gonna miss him. His wife is an Oregonian.
it is a real shame ... he seemed like a bloody decent guy and I really enjoyed watching his programmes on tv, he was a true character and I am sure will be missed throughout the world
:cry: I loved watching his shows and imitating him with my dad. It's horrible he had to past away, RIP.
damn, that sucks! I always figured he'd die fighting a croc... Of all the things to die from.
Yeah, what a shame!

"Son of a bitch!" is right!

I love that guy! In his more candid interviews when he wasn't so exuberant, he really seemed like a helluve nice guy, concerned about nature and wanting to share it with everyone.
man what a fucked up way for him to die.
i was so sad after seeing this news on the today show.
RIP Steve. He left the world a better place for having been here.
RIP Steve. You were the greatest croc hunter ever. :(
I'm going to sport a Steve Irwin sticker on my rollbar
Its amazing to see the reports all over the world about Steve and realize just how many people respected and loved him. I didn't know how big he really was outside of our country, he may have been even more well known overseas than here in Australia. Its a strange feeling but it sort of feels like I've lost a mate, and he will be missed. RIP mate.
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