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Road&Ster #5 January 1996. Great issue. Here are some of my observations. We can talk about them, you can post your own. If you don't have this issue you've been slacking and are missing out.

pg2 (inside cover)
What is the Cusco B.C.S.? It looks like some sort of brace but where does it fit?

Cusco head gaskets and adjustable cam gears

Rod Millen vented headlight lid, front lip, and rear spoiler. I wonder how many of these still exist and how popular they were in Japan.

Monster Motorsports body kit, Cobra fuel lid, and Ferrari Daytona style body kit

Active race car. Nice fender flares.

pg 10
Remote reservoir Ohlins

pg 11
And people complaint that the new Pontiac Solstice/ Saturn Sky has no luggage space. 13bturbomx5 has a similar setup in his trunk.

Pink Roadster with Ronal teddy bear wheels

NHCK Motor Sports sticker

Looks like the Zoom front bumper on the blue/white two-tone Lotus Elan Sprint replica at the bottom but what are those headlights with the chrome surround?

Top to bottom: Brush guard for serious off-road action. Love the red low back seats. Who is Rave War? Install carbs but left the MAF? Nice trunk audio installs.

Top to bottom: What front bumper is that on the silver car with the chrome AC Schnitzer replica wheels? Love the ARC airbox. Amber turn signals. Grass is always greener (California plate on dash). Nice bike roof rack.

I'm not the only person who thinks a quadrifoglio decal on the front wings (a la Alfa Romeo) would look sweet on a red NA.

Bugeye w/ wires. Deep dish SSR meshies. 93LE aftermarket front bumper has big rectangular fog lamps or brake duct? BRG racing stripes on black Roadster.

Campagnolo style wheels made by Ricks Japan?

Alitalia car redone in Mild Seven livery with rare half bumper covers front/rear and D-cut Momo steering wheel. Hayashi tails and twin nostril snout. Unique ladder style bar poking through blue hardtop window.

Is that a Yours Sports high duckbill spoiler on the red Weber car? Amkread doesn't appear to make Roadster parts anymore (or ever?) Rare door mirrors on white w/ silver stripe.

More good stuff I'll come back to this later

Nielex. Is that a M2-1028 aluminum trunk lid that's been polished? Oh, dear lord, that's hot. Exhaust looks like an E-type Jaguar so my guess is it's from Pit Crew Racing. I'm also digging the brushed metal radio console. Is that a cover or a full replacement piece? It would look super with the shorty center console/ shift surround with toggle window switches.


That's it, I'm spent. Will continue this later. So much inspiration it's ridicurous. Club Roadster members seriously need to step up their game and start tricking their cars out and organizer huge meets and doing more stuff that'll get us featured in R&S.

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I have an original Rod Millen vented headlight hood on my car.

All metal OEM part with stamped louvers, baby!

pg 29 - That Nielex radio surround is an all aluminum cover, but it's HOT, baby! I want one soooo bad, but they don't make them anymore and are like GOLD!
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