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Road&Ster logo file

Allowed to upload JPG files: Yes
Allowed to upload PNG files: Yes
Allowed to upload GIF files: Yes
Allowed to upload EPS files NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no where here to upload the Road&Ster logo files and I don't have a web host yet to do it (plus off-site hosting would only be a temporary solution anyways). Tim, can you host these files for us or is there a copyright issue that prevents that? If anyone is interested the files are located here but you've got to sign in to Yahoo! to access the page.

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That's weird. The link points to an EPS file, but it downloads as a .ps file.

I just changed the extension to .eps and it works.


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here is a retraced copy of the Road&ster logo and the Roadster logo and I have many more things on my computer that I have retraced. All you have to is just PM me. Just right click the "download" and save target as.... and select the desktop and there you have it. I found out that I can attach PDF's and they will work with most digital software and these are clean lines that can be used to cut vinyl for example as that is why I have them.


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