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I was at "Sevenstock" working the Racing Beat booth, and was recomended to this forum by a small group of Miata owners. I was just wondering who they were, and I also wanted to say thanks. I've been a member since November, but havent posted anything. I just bought my first Miata yesterday (Red 91 w/ 70k mi). Anyway, if you were at Sevenstock last October let me know!

-Sean :lol:
Hey, I was one of the guys that was talking about clubroadster to you. The asian one with long hair --a han looking fellow. The rest that were there was, Dicker, djsqiigles, and [email protected] (maybe with a shaved head Filip guy, 90_mx) probably was there at the RB booth before we were.

Welcome to the forum, and I'm glad you decided to drop by!
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