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popped in to my local BMW dealer to pick out a new mini for my daily driver when I got sidetracked by inquisitive side ..!

over in a far corner of th eBMW showroom is the Rolls Royce area with a few Phantoms on display ...

then out of the blue arrive a few robots if tan Armani suits and usher in a large car under a black cloth cover !!!

VERY STRANGE !!! since I am getting along well with the sales guy and we are talking cars he lets me know ( although says he is not really allowed to say as it is a SECRET !!! ) that these are top boffins from Rolls Royce German headquarters and that the car under wraps is the 101EX hand build coupe prototype !!!!

so I wait around for a few minutes and watch as the car is maneuvered into a private room through the back and just see the car through the door as it is unvieled to a very small audience of VERY rich dudes ...

although it looked a bit clumsy you still had to marver at its sheer oppulence, the front screen surround is milled from a solid chunk of alloy !!! bonnet is polished alloy too - VERY JDM !!!

here are some library pics ( I was told by the mini guy - if I bring in my digital camera from my car I would be forcefully removed by the RR guards !!! :shock: )

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Great story! Reminds me of the time I stopped by the Mercedes-Benz dealer that has an adjoining Maybach showroom. While poking around I saw two salesman showing a 62 to some really rich looking dude, his trophy wife (easily 30 years younger than he), and his chauffeur. Must be nice. As I was leaving the showroom I see a Bentley Continental Flying Spur drive by. It was the 1st time I'd seen a CFS in the flesh and must have been a very early production unit as they hadn't even been reviewed yet in any of the mainstream US auto mags.
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