Rota RB 15x7

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15x7 offset 40

No word on weight yet...


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Nice :) make it in 14x7 or 8 and we'll talk ;)
Put some tires on it and get it on the car! Let's see those sexy things.
I agree! I really want to see these mounted soon. Can you throw out a ballpark figure on what these are running? I've been real pleased with my experiences with Rota wheels. Great value for the $.
Sorry, it's just a spy shot, I'm waiting for a gold/polished lip, and possibly lower offset version.

RB=Racing Bananas :lol:
Hey Greg,

Those are really nice. Hopefully the weight will be just like their circuit 8s and will have hollow insides like the watanabes.
IMO - you can get a better looking wheel with nicer offset from Rspeed or Panasport (for the right price).

I'd be interested to see how these RB's look on lowered Miata.
Thanks for the spy shot greg! I know i've asked you before about when the 15" version of the rb's was coming out, but now atleast I know that there's progress being made. I've been waiting for the 15x7 lower offset ones too. 8)
OK confirmed the weight and offset:

actual weight is 14.4lbs / 7kg
offset +40

Other offsets available by special order.
at least they look better than konig rewinds... +40 is too sunken for a miata, if you ask me. a 15x7.5 or 8 +15 would work much better.
Looking good ! and the weight isnt all that bad
For different offsets for special order, do we have to go through group buys to get this done like all other rotas?

Anyone up for some +18? :)
40 offset, booooo, shadow offset sucks. make me some 15x8 0offset, then we'll see.
40 offset, booooo, shadow offset sucks. make me some 15x8 0offset, then we'll see.
Muahaha Igor *mad scientist laugh* Soon...
Eh...the wheel's wide enough. I don't understand the low-offset obsession from a performance standpoint...
I think we should do 15x8 at 25mm. That way everything fits and tires wont throw pebbles at body panels. It would also be flush. I'm talking about this on a NB miata.
I hear it will be a limited local release in 2 months, so I'd add a month (at least) before US release.


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