Rota Shakotan 15x9+0

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Located in SOCAL(Westminster & Garden Grove area)

Selling my Rota Shakotan 15x9 +0. 2 tires are good with about 80% life, other 2 will need to be replaced. Tires are Kuhmo Ecsta AST 195/50. Used, 3 wheels have curb rash. will need two new tires, comes with 2 good tires with about 70-80% life ... prefer to sell locally. Unfortunately my reason for selling is that I have bills to pay. SOLD. No trades. Just Cash.

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done. located in socal - westminster/garden grove
PMs replied to.

BlackNB1 - yea man :/ got money issues right now so i need to sell's really depressing me..
nobody wants to be stancey and herrafrush?
I want them . but i dont think it will work for me .
o so too f'n bad for me .
smoking deal though
haha why won't they work for you?
Sold. Thank you. Mods please close.
1 - 12 of 26 Posts
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