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Congratulations! And welcome to Round 1 of the RJDM Skills Test. Here you will test your knowledge in a match against the brightest and most experienced minds RJDM has to offer. Myself and others will, at random, post a skills challenge test somewhere in the forum for others to answer. It could be in the Exterior section or maybe in the Toys & Collectibles section. I dunno, it's really up to whoever thinks up the next challenge test - it's up to YOU to take the RJDM ball and run with it. Most often it will be a simple "ID this part" type question but it could be more complicated like a Jeopardy answer (all responses must be in the form of a question) or a clever riddle or a scavenger hunt. However crazy and creative we want to get is how it will be.

Simple rules:
  1. It should be RJDM related.
  2. It should be fun.
  3. There should be a clear objective.
  4. 1st person to correctly acheive the objective wins a pat on the back. Or maybe a free Sapporo beer or a Squash scented air freshener or whatever else the challenge organizer feels like offering up as a prize.
  5. The game doesn't end after the objective is acheived. The challenge continues indefinitely.
  6. The challenge organizer is allowed to add special rules or conditions above and beyond those listed here.
  7. The organizer of the challenge need not know the correct answer before starting a challenge.
  8. Everyone must play nice and remember this is all in good fun.
Now, let the challenge begin! This one is an easy one. Or maybe it's a hard one?
Identify the name of this aftermarket front bumper cover:

Here's a shots of the rear if you think it will help you identify which front bumper is above:

And the inside:

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Jesse's wife just had a baby, so he was probably doing some research on some rare JDM technic of breast feeding, hehehhee

i kidd i kidd

BTW, Jesse, you have to let the new people do the research, no fair, that have to say uncle 1st! :wink:

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