Round 14: Test your RJDM knowledge

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Time for the next round. This one will be a little difficult I think.

I just got a couple of packages from across the Pacific 8) Here's one

So the question is, what's inside?

Of course you'll need a couple clues

An identifying logo has been 'shopped out of the center of the cap.

That's a little too difficult, so here's another hint

Now that should narrow it down to only a handful of choices and if you're really on the ball, you'll know that center cap and what little else you can see can only be one of them. Honestly though, most of the time when you see these wheels around, they don't have caps.
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Yeah, looks like MKIIs to Me.
wow- a tough challenge! Whatever it turns out to be-I'm sure it's going to be a set of badasssss rims!

Somehow I don't think it's SSR MK2/MK3's. The centercap looks different:

Also- the MK2/MK3's don't come in Lo or High disk varieties. See specs:

It can't be the Professor series, since the manufacturing date is too early (2001). It's not RS-8's.... not Mesh....

Dang I am stumped!!!!!
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You got it, now just put the correct name to 'em :lol:

MK3's are a good guess, but incorrect, so is MK-II.
Need more hints ;);) Is there a 'inspected by ***' wording in the sticker? I think all SSR rims have that.

The 'LO disk' part in the sticker rules out a lot of possibilities. It might even be a Work rim..
Ok, below the LO 4H100 it says "Inspected by Y.Minomura"

The next real clue I have is to post a pic a little further pulled back, but that'll make it pretty easy. What I'll say for now is to look closely at the pic of the centercap, not necessarily at the center cap. I strategically cropped that pic to show a very little that can give it away.
Star Sharks?
Are they repainted? Hayashi?
We have a winner! Agent935, if you're ever at a Bay Area meetup one free beer for you.

I've only seen very, very few of these in 4x100 and never with any lip so I had to jump on these. 14x7 ET -6 and 14x8 ET -19. Plus they are very clean, only a couple of small nicks. Now I just need to get some over fenders. Until then, into storage they go :?

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OMFG!!! :shock: I hate you so much right now........those are beautiful!! =D>
If you don't mind me asking, how did you come across these? Was it on the yahoo japan auctions? And how much did you pay for them?
we all hate you!
Goddamn it!!!!!!!! No way!!!! Star sharks in 4X100? That's pretty much unheard of! They are in superb unrestored condition too for their age. And all the center caps are still there. Aaaaamazing

I nominate Dru for the "JDM Find of the Year" award!
Star sharks in 4X100? That's pretty much unheard of!
No doubt.. 4X114 is all I have ever seen anywhere. Great find, now get 'em on the car and take some pics!

You know how f'ing cool those would look on my LE?!?!

Sheesh - you better find some SERIOUS protection for those - no more going to the movies and leaving your car in a parking lot. Those are so sweet and so rare.

Do tell more - are you going to recondition them? Need to see pics on your tater.
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