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Hi Guys,

Firstly, thank you all for your advice so far. This is a great forum.

I am due to be in Tokyo for work in January. I found this site provided by other helpful members of this forum:

From what i see they look like Miata specialists. I was intending to pay them a visit and hopefully pick up the above mentioned rims.

I only managed to go through every single page on this section today and this has highlighted some concerns i should have with this wheel.

1. Scrub radius. There is talk that excessively low offsets will compromise the handling of the car? I know handling is subjective, but for me it basically means a car that is composed and still easy to drive at or over the limits of the car. I have a stock 92 at the moment and drift the car regularly in the wet. At the moment i was slightly dissappointed after i've just installed a brand new set of Cusco Comp S coilovers but only to find that the car is more nervous when sideways, cornering speed is higher, however but not so relevant to me.

2. Brakes rubbing? I was surprised to find someone complain that he ordered a set of these rims only to find that some machining of the rim or brake calips in order to get them to fit. I had an impression these are direct bolt ons as any sort of machining is a big no no for me. How do i ensure that Watanabe will issue the correct rims for a miata? sounds like i'd have to force them to fit them on an existing car while im there just to make sure they are the right ones.

Many Thanks!!!
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