Rumor: Michael Schumacher to retire from racing

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Rumor has it that he's annoucing his retirement at the up coming Italian Grand Prix this Sunday. Next season will definitely be interesting without him --that's if these rumors are true. So from what I can see, 2007 would be a battle beween Alonso, Massa, Fisichella, Kimi, and maybe even from Button.

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That's one of the fun things about F1, you really don't know what's going to happen. An annoucement one way or the other about Schumi's future has been rumored for months to be coming at Monza.

Next year with only Bridgestone will be very interesting. Renault just annouced Fisi and Kovalainen for next year, and Flavio is going to be back as well. Alonso will have to deal with the crap shoot that is McLaren. Honda is such an unknown, so much potential but can't seem to get it together. I believe if Kimi goes to Ferrari he will be the man to beat.

Red Bull should be showing more progress as well with the help from Adrian Newey.
Massa, Fisichella, and Button (And that's coming from a guy who works for American Honda) don't have prayer.
If Kimi is put in a car that doesn't fall apart I think he'll be hard to beat. And if Shumi retires that makes the Kimi/Massa teaming at Ferrari seem more likely.

I think Button and Massa have a chance, Fisi i think it DONE with.

Alonso is SOL, why he went to McLaren, i just don't know. And this is coming from a guy that is a hueg McLaren fan! haha. I just know they aren't the team to beat right now.
i HIGHLY doubt shcumi will leave. i think that right now he has too much fighting spirit and will want 1 more seasons

i wish schumi would stay and have kimi as a co-driver. but schumi would never agree to have such fierce competition on his own team.
If he leaves or stays doesn't matter too much to me, I wouldn't be upset either way. Schumacher has been in the game for so long....I remember watching him on TV back when I lived in Germany...that was over 10 years ago :)
After a win at Monza, Confirmed for the end of the season.
As soon as he got out of his car you could just tell... He was hugging everyone, even the guy that sweeps the floors at the factory. It was very hard for me to watch the post race interview because I've grown up watching him and he's been my idol for as long as I can remember. I just can't understand why he's retiring, he still is a far better driver than all the drivers besides Alonso. :cry:
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