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I'm looking to sell my RX-7 AFM. I had it installed on my car, but took it off for smog. Now it just sits in my garage, maybe someone can use it. :) If you don't know what it is, you probably should read this:

PRICE: I'm asking $60, if shipped, you pay shipping.

CONDITION: Used, tuned for my '91 1.6 Miata. Runs perfect at idle, added plenty of power up top. Might need some adjusting for your car. I have the stock position marked with a sharpie. I also will include a harness with about a foot of wire that was with it when I got it (in case you want to extend it). It looks like someone tried to polish it(see pictures). Also took a picture of the sticker on the top, may be hard to read.

LOCATION: East Bay Area, California. If someone wants to pick it up locally we can work something out, I'd prefer it too. Just PM me!

SHIPPING: Will use this: to calculate shipping cost. I will try to have it shipped the same day it is payed for.


I will try to check this often/reply to PMs frequently, but I'm in school and working, so I may take a little while to reply.
(p.s., I based my price off of what I've seen these sell for on this thread.)
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