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So i think i finally enough experience with a miatas so start my own project thread :mrgreen:. Lets start with a little history about what convinced me to buy a car that most recall it as a "gay car".
before buying my miata, I owned different type of cars starting with 2nd gen eclipse, 1st gen rx7, sentra ser , and my favorite, Srt 4:D. i had to sell the srt4 and decided so buy a cheap daily just to move around and something about slammed miatas caught my attention. I stumble upon a salvage title 99 nb at the auction and decided to bring it back to life....

small quarter panel damage, that was all

from what i remember i won the bid at 2400 and had it transported from Texas to south fl.

I started working on it by changing gaskets, seals, water pump, timing belt, basically a full tune up. edit: i had a mechanic do the job since ive never changed a timing belt before...

then I converted the lights to projectors. which were to small...

Racelands came in;)

finally got it up and running but was missing something very important...some wheels!

some dude passed by my uncles window tinting shop with some 002's and i tried them on. nice huh? but i needed to cut some more lawns to afford them... so months passed

I saw a thread here about the rx7 r1 lip on a nb. i thought it looked nice so i ordered one

soon after the lip was installed i finally bought some wheels

xxr 527 16x8.25 0

had a little fender rolling fun.... and ended up cracking the front fenders...

well i have ran out of time...theres still way more to come and a twist of events as well :eek:

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i also bought on ebay nb small side skirt with large mug guards.... put them aside to have them painted in the future.

then i had my friend make stainless steal shift knob that weighted a little over 1lb :D

more low means more fender pulling…

Simply Clean 3 came...Orlando here i come:cool:

After returning from orlando I decided that my car was low enough to more pull!

:cry: while driving to my house some guy thought it was ok to pass a red light and...

The aftermath, insurance claimed it total loss... I keep the car plus cash on top.

I was about to get out of the miata scene but changed my mind a couple times and decided to try out a Na

1992 Canadian with a blown head gasket...oh and its auto :fp:

So we are finally up to date... I just removed the motor and tranny off the nb and na

then last night, we had a look to see whats inside of the 1.6 and...


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I had a lot of plans for the nb so lets see whats with this na. With school and work I barely have time and this is what i got so far

fedex and ups finally came through and...

stage 1 clutch, lightweight flywheel and fm conversation kit

Today I removed the all the accessories(alt,comp,ps,etc) and hopefully on thursday ill have time to paint the block. The auto parts don't have Gold high temp paint so ama try homedepo
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