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Project-G is proud to announce their first time conducting a group buy with a product other than their own. It’s fitting that it is a product we believe in with a company who’s standards equal what we always strive for ourselves. In fact, we had chosen to run these on our personal vehicles well before we even considered selling them. Ryoku Rob's attention to detail paired with his awesome, proven design had made his tow hooks an all time favorite.

We have received a lot of calls in the past few months for Ryoku Rob’s Tow Hooks. Many may feel Rob just disappeared, but the reality is he has been hard at work trying various other methods to bring you what you guys have been asking for, but at a lower cost. These other resources could not deliver the quality he was after. Choosing quality over a cheaper product, he has decided to stick with what has worked for him in the past.

For this run there will be 3 colors offered: Red, Gold, and Black. Raw is available for $5 less. All will come with his etching as well.

Custom colors are available for an additional charge. Each custom color will be $65, but if more people would like the same color, the cost will be divided across the number of sets.

Example for custom color:
1 Set = $65 additional charge
2 Sets = $33 additional charge
3 Sets = $22 additional charge

We were ready to launch this group buy a few weeks back, but Rob decided to make a design change after some testing on the rear tow hook. The previous design was slightly taller where it makes it way under the rear bumper. On a stock height car it didn’t make a difference, but once he started testing on Project-G’s red miata, there was too much loss of ground clearance. It was apparent it was an issue. Now he has introduced a new design and has gained another 5/16” of clearance and it made a definite difference. Now that it has been fully tested, Ryoku Rob feels it's now ready to bring it to the public.

Above is the new design. There are 3 mounting positions: Standard Stock Bumper, R-Package Rear Lip, and Custom Cut Bumper.

Each order comes as a set with both front and rear tow hook sets, and includes all the necessary hardware.
**The Version 1 (old style) Rear Tow Hooks are also available for the same price.

$75 NA Set (Front and Rear w/ Mounting Hardware)
$85 NB Set (Front and Rear w/ Mounting Hardware)

Single item pricing:
Single Front Tow Hook NA or NB - $40
Single Rear Tow Hook NA - $40
Single Rear Tow Hook NB - $50

$5 flat rate Con US.
$14 flat rate International
Local Pickup Available

Please send a PM (To Risingsun124) titled “Ryoku Rob Tow Hooks” and provide the following information:
1. Product Configuration. Example - (NA / Red)
2. Preferred Contact Email Address
3. Full Name
4. Shipping Address
5. Contact Phone Number (Cell Preferred)

Once we have your information, you will receive a request for funds via paypal from: [email protected]

This is going to be a limited run of 30 sets of NA and 30 sets of NB.

Production has already started and we expect to start shipping them Monday, July 16, 2012.

Possible Custom Color PURPLE

Custom Color Request:
Purple is the only other color we have had requested. Here is a shot from a previous group buy. Right now we have a few people interested, so if you are interested, let us know so we can get a final price before anodizing.

NA / Red
1. Nemo - Paid
2. KsoV - Paid
3. Alex B - Paid Version 1 Rear
4. WeiSlow - Paid

NA / Gold
1. Mia95 - Paid
2. Kolbotn - Paid

NA / Black
1. Strombon - Paid
2. lowandslow24 - Paid
3. hondpwr - Paid

NA / Purple
1. xXKidXx - Paid
2. Van_mx5 - Paid Version 1 Rear
3. 206_Miata - Pending
4. sisko89 - Paid
5. c.stove - Paid
6. down5HIF - Paid

NA / Raw
1. Alex B - Paid
2. Opgedronken - Pending
3. FABEL - Paid
4. FABEL - Paid
5. de_La_MmMiata - Pending

NB / Red
1. demonsnake - Paid
2. Ironmantrev - Paid
3. Hey JT! - Paid Single Front Only
4. D.Tran - Paid

NB / Gold

NB / Black
1. jepperimmen - Paid NO ETCH
2. Lokiel - Paid

NB / Raw
1. JLDM - Paid
2. kieran - Paid

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I may be blind/completely missing it, but price of the tow hooks? Can only see shipping price and additional colour price.

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hey im intrested in the purple one but only if theres other people to buy them that way i wont have to pay the extra by myself

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I'm really happy that you guys are doing this. it's quite pleasing to see 2 well respected companies join forces & keep the quality products flowing, rather than allow some copycat version to develop & allow the newcomers to never have known the difference.

redesigned RyokuRob towhooks being sold by ProjectG is da bomb digity. :bouncin:

now let me ask . . . could I mount two sets in the front by flipping one over? I assume, two rears wouldn't be a problem so long as the exhaust did not get in the way? are these SCCA legal? & finally, I've long thought about gold plating a set just cause I'm Frame Bangin' FABEL & all that jazz, so could I still order a color or would it not sit well unless I got the sets in raw finish?crazy questions, I already know, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

as an aside, I too will be purchasing the strut tower mounted tow hook when its development is complete. it would sell to a much wider audience if you guys designed it with an easily detachable point to fit under the hood without jeopardizing it's strength. I only say this because I have different hoods, & some of them I would not want to notch an opening to support this piece.

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"drop down flip it and reverse it..."

Yes they are able the switch from side to side. It will sit fine next to exhaust. Might protect your tip a little bit. Yes when I designed then years ago I wanted to and planed to and they are SCCA NASA legal. Note gold and red ones only. Rules state red or gold or highly visible colors.

I've found I have limited time to deal with customers and only seemed right to have project g distribute my parts as they are so close and I believe in there products and more, them as good people.

Hood tow hook is designed and finished just need to my first run made to approximately price. 3 cars have it at the moment. An NA, NB and The Run Devil Run Miata that was in super street a few months back.


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Took some pics of our strength test for the rear tow hook yesterday. There was no detectable deflection when using it as a jack point.

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