S2 Racing

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Looking at the s2 racing web site, I don't see them list the overfenders that are on their democar.

Is it from another shop or perhaps custom? Or not just listed on their page...

Here is the parts they have listed (eng translation)
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nope, email s2
Done and done, will get back with the answer I'm provided.
Havn't found out about the overfenders but found some other specs on the car.

Wheel/tire spec.

13x8 +2 all around with 175/60-13 Yokohama a048 front and 205/60-13 Yokohama a032 rear
I love that car. Thanks for posting it.
just browsed through their website and I love their exhaust so clean and simple and seems to be sitting pretty high
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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