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I'll be meeting sonique128 at SuperAutobacs @ 10.

Free grub? Raffle prizes that you could actually put on your car (or resell...:twisted:)

What's with you guys?!


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Weather looks as if its going to be cold and possibly wet. I think I'm still gonna go. Anyone else?
It cleared up and was actually hot and sunny.

Turnout was pretty weak, about 20 total people from 2 local clubs + this forum.

They fed us (pretty good fresh Mexican BBQ).

There was no raffle held (which they promised in the invitation).

If their goal was to re-introduce themselves to the local enthusiasts, I think they failed badly. The event was poorly publicized, the local clubs were contacted less than a week in advance so they couldn't put it on their calendars or newsletters for people to arrange their schedules to come.

There were no product demos, no information was imparted, no welcomes, no activities, just guests standing around talking to each other. And they should have at least scheduled it when the owner was available to make an appearance, if he's so anxious to make nice with potential customers.

Maybe they'll do it again sometime with more advance notice so people can plan their schedules to make it.

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I got held up and ended up there at 2 pm. Everyone was gone. Hearing that only 20 people or so showed up, means that I did not miss much. If anything, I think Brainstorm was introducing themselves more towards the 350z and EVO market than the roadster market. No new stuff to ooze about...

What's next?
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