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I battled myself to keep her - because subconsciously I wanted a White NA - but in the recent days I've fallen in love with Montego Blue looking through Adam's build thread (and being back stabbed on deals twice). So please say hello to Phyllis, my sexy '95 Miata!

So fast forward through destined events to the day I start my build thread: today. I'm going to use this as a memory lane thread for all the little (and big) things I do.

Picked this car up around October with right around 102K on the clock.
# PEP without A/C
# Completely Stock with original top and paperwork
# Service records since day one

I've been driving her through the winter - thank goodness we didn't get really any snow - and just falling in love with how much fun a Miata is. I will update this original thread with exactly my game plan as it evolves in the next few days. And as such I will provide pictures and updates as the checklist builds, and shrinks subsequently. I will go back and forth between interior, exterior and suspension work in the more recent weeks. The engine will only get maintenance work done until this upcoming winter when hopefully it will go under surgery to become a rather fast, but very reliable turbo'd monster.

And this is a bad picture of me beginning to build my future list.


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# Moss Low Pro-s (Follow Rev's directions on wiring) $538 ORDERED + SHIPPED
# R-Package Replica Front + Rear Lips by RSpeed OR eBay Replica
# Zoom Side Winkers (Rev's install link)
# Shave turn signals/tail lights/markers
# Tow Hooks Bronze (Still on the look out | recommendations being accepted)

Are there fitment issues with the RSpeed R Lip replicas? Are there better fitting replicas available before I pull the trigger? If you have OEM - SELL IT TO ME!

# Tan Interior Conversion
# Add Arm Rests from...97?
# Prior to installing the S2000 starter - is their a DIY relocation or addition for another cigarette lighter? I did some searching and found nothing.
# S2000 Start Button $100 ORDERED + SHIPPED
# New Gauge Faces by Rev
# Custom color gauges (undecided on color until conversion and so forth is underway
# Custom interior lighting (Ignition Keyhole light, Sides of center console)
# Door Sills
# Shifter Boot/E-Brake Boot by redline

# 15x9 Rota K7 in Bronze
# Uncertain on tires right now
# Flying Miata Frame Rails

While on this subject do you guys have any recommendations for basic maintenance while installing my coil overs? (will be ordered by the end of the month) While I have the car up and being worked on not sure if there are suggestive items to take care of.

# Adding A/C

This will continue to be updated as I think of things to do. I'm stoked to get things rolling.

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I am normally opposed to triple posts, as I'm sure most of you are as well.

But yesterday I had to stop in AC at Harrah's for a job meeting. When I went to leave I noticed one of my rad hoses was spitting antifreeze everywhere so I decided to go play some poker for a bit. Well 3 hours later I walked out with just under $600 in winnings so I treated myself to some Moss Low Pro lights. ORDERED HELLLLLS YEAH.


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I know this entire thread will be useless without pictures but I'll definitely get a god picture of my car after it's nice enough, and I have time, to clean her.

This was delivered today (Moss Low Pros).

Along with that I have a few packages waiting at home. Will be installing these, my Tein Flex's, A/C into my 95, and the S2000 start as soon as I can! Stay tuned!
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