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I am parting with my 1996 Black Miata to get through College..

**What I've done to it:

-I Wax&Wash it every three weeks

-Installed a Bossfrog Clearview Rollbar (Black) & already on it, a white 'PhillyB Hates me' decal :phillyb:

-Installed a Apexi Exhaust

-Installed Two RennenMetal Tow Hooks (Red) One infront and One In back..

-Installed (One, Drivers Side) Bucket Fiberglass F1 Racing Spec Seat.. It's Red and Faded..

-Installed an ItsProper Bubble Shift Knob (Teal)

-One week ago I bought Four NEW Falken Tires for it & bought New (High Performance) Front Lights for it.

-I also changed the Oil 2 weeks ago.

**What will come with it:

-Stock Driver Seat

-Stock Exhaust

-Stock Shift Knob

-Stock Tow Hooks

-NEW Box of The plastic pieces that hold down the back carpet.

-NEW Oil Filter

-If you buy it soon, a FULL tank of gas!

**I took care of this thing as if it were my baby and I am asking atleast 6.8k OBO for it. The interior is spotless clean and there are NO rips in it. The exterior has a few small scratches and two or 3 dents but it has a nice paintjob! Runs PERFECT! 67k Miles on it and it has a Clean Title! I use it to get to and from Work & Class.. It stays in my garage with a cover on it at night!

I'm looking for someone who would take care of it as I have done.. I WILL NOT Part It..

I'm located in Southern California. (Redlands)

PM me for more details or Any questions..

Here it is:

Picture doesn't have the F1 Bucket racing seat in this picture:

Here's the seat I bought:

Edit (Updated Pictures):


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Nice triple black and good luck with your sale.

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You might have better luck selling it if you reinstalled the stock parts. Everyone here should know how to swap them back on, but if you're trying CL and the like as well a lot of folks likely won't know how easy it is or want to mess with it. A very clean stock car will have wider appeal than one with mods.

Good luck with sale!

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5k is a good deal. I would've picked this up for sure when I was looking for a miata a year ago.
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