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Where do I keep finding this stuff?
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Fit Weber, Solex, or OER carbs using Shake Down's intake manifolds for NA6CE, NA8C, and NB8C. Also available for rotary motors (12A, 13B) and various Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Honda vehicles.
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That is exactly the same manifold I have from Ebay (used) with the same bend in the copper vac tube. Mine came with the same throttle cable bracket, etc. My Ebay 40 DCOEs are on their way. I will likely not put it all on until warmer weather. Starting with Webers for the first time in cold weather does not sound like the best idea. I drive my car year round, though, so wether or not I hook up the manual chokes remains to be seen.
Best Alway and thanks for the link.
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