Should I cut the lip in small pieces before rolling up the fenders?

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I guess I should but since I haven't started yet, I might as well ask the gurus here :mrgreen:

So I'm planning to roll the fenders with a fender roller and a heat gun!

Now since my miata's rear lips are like Angelina Jolie's 8) I believe I need to cut them with a dremel (like in the picture) every 0.5"-1" and then to roll each piece.

Do you agree with that?
How you did yours?
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to roll the rears you dont need to cut the metal
my rears were rolled with that same tool by minime
just make sure that the paint is heated and take your time

we did my fenders on a hot day so that helped a bunch :)
Do you have a picture of the inner fender afterwards?
I think Paul cut them but I'm not sure...
anyway do you think it might be bad if I cut them a bit first?

I think it might be helpful that's why I'm asking...otherwise it might be too much stretch...
No cutting required. I have felt underneath the fenders of Andrew, Paul, Tam, and Gus. None of them were cut, there is about a 3/4" double layer all along the edge. You need the two layers to keep it stiff to hold its shape.

I would not cut them unless you plan to paint the fenders to prevent rust. I rolled my fenders 2 weeks ago with a fender roller and heat gun, and it came out great with no chipped or cracked paint. I even stretched/pulled the fenders a little also. Just take your time and work in small sections, like 4-6 inches at a time. Also remember to not overheat the paint or you will burn it. It should be hot to the touch, like how your car would feel on a hot summer day.
having one of those tools that reads temperature with a laser helps a lot too :)
Thank you guys!
So I want cut anything...I guess it was a good thing I asked :mrgreen:
Bill if you want to see/help let me know...
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