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I have a DIY kit that I bought from Super Autobacs. I just been too lazy to put them on. Its basicly an L-shaped poliched metal strip and another strip of metal, a few large washers and bolts. Bolt the L-Shape to the OEM tow "hook" with the washers to adjust for straightness. Voila! I'll post pics when I do mine, but I've seen it done and its cake.

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DIY front license plate mount
Chris said:
My first (free) JDM mod :)

This weekend I had some spare time and I decided to do my first JDM mod!
That was regarding the license plate holder.
You see since I put the nice Wing West front spoiler I didn't want to destroy
the look of my car with the license plate, so for the last 1,5 year I didn't
have the front license plate...
Anyway I always had in mind to buy a JDM style license plate bracket, but they
were very expensive...well, expensive for what you are getting ($60-70 for just
a bracket is expensive for me)...
I heard that the front Mazda bracket can be easily modified, so on Saturday, I
did that, I transformed it to JDM.
The procedure is easy and if somebody is interested I can post some pics of
how it looks (the bracket w/o the license plate).
Here is the end result:

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Toe hooks can be had for free from most members of you local Miata Club members (if you in a local club) :mrgreen:

I got mine for free that way as i tossed mine years ago, DOH! #-o

Im also using the KG Works Offset License Plate Braket, its a very clean looking install.


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We don't have front plates in Florida.


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Free :D

I was given it by a friend who got it when they bought their Roadster. I think that the guy that imported the car had bought it, but never fitted it, and my friends decided that they'd rather have a sticky plate.

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Going to make a custom bracket to mount the plate to the Okuyama front tow hook. Might as well use what's there anyway.
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