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Didnt know wheather to post this here or the turbo section....

I just read on the Squire Turbo Systems web page that the Turbo acts as a Muffler and quiets the exhaust. Their Camaro, Vette, mustang, and truck sound clips do give their statements some credit; but how does the Miata sound with a straight pipe/muffler and a turbo???
Im not interested in their "Remote Turbo" just curious how loud the turbo Miata is at 55 with side a side pipe and no muffler or maby this Moroso Spiral Flow.

Went to the track this weekend and a Civic was running this type of exhaust with a turbo, it did [email protected] 98 MPH in the 8th. Wasn't a trailer queen either, he drove it to the track. Never heard a Turbo Miata but the Civc was pretty quiet even with 15 PSI, at each shift a small flame would shoot out.

Now when I say quiet Im comparing it to the other cars at the track ie., the thundering V-8s whose idling could be felt in the chest and thru the ground at 10 feet.


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