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I have spent hours of searching on here, and Roadster Drift and I know all that is needed for this installation (So happy I already have a 1994 btw, that saves so much time, money and hassle)

Lets get to the point: I have a friend who has a Rx7 differential in his garage from when he swapped in a 4.3. It is out of a 1986 but the LSD portion is out of a 1989, so it is a 1989 LSD with a S4 Ring Gear, Pinion Gear & Housing. I wanted to verify that this setup will work in my 1994 1.8 before I buy it. If it will work, he has everything I need and I can get it for $50.00.

I don't believe this will be a problem because I think the size of the R&P is key, but this is all new to me and better safe then sorry, hope you all don't mind.

Your help is appreciated and I will be glad to have the thread deleted after I get my answer.
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