slammed the miata, finally

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not quite sure where i should post this type of thread, i don't see a photoshoot type of section like on some other forums. please excuse the mistake if i am making one by posting this in here.

finally got to slam the miata with koni's/gc's. probably have less than an inch of shock travel remaining before the cut bump stop hits, but it still seems to perform great, and koni's aren't sensitive to shaft position so all is well. things will be even better when i order the extended top hats for the rear and gain the extra shock travel i need to drop the rear another 1/4" or so.

i also recently finished the first coat of paint using 50 dollar rustoleum paint job method, with the exception of the front bumper and the rear panel where the frankenstien bolts are at, which still need their first coats of paint. i have a couple more coats to do, and a lot of wet sanding/polishing with a random orbital buffer.

and now for my typical coastal shots. we took a drive from woodside to the coast via hwy 84, lots of very tight twisties ftw =) :thumbup: :thumbup: found others in an m coupe, a ford gt, a ferrari or two, got a wave from an old guy in a black na, but no elise's up in them hills today =( and a big thanks to the guy in the red na miata who pulled over to see if i needed tools/help when i was adjusting the konis on a pull-out on 84. miata owners rule.

thanks for viewing, have a great weekend :thumbup:

stay tuned as i take care of the details like finishing the paint job, cleaning up the tail lights, making the black trim all black again, etc etc....
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looks good, post pics of the paint job when your done. Looks so good SLAMMED!!!
nice man, thats how low i wanna get.

I just need the new mounts from stance and ill be good to go.
sounds good man, got a link to the stance mounts? i want to look at all the options...

thanks for the replies everyone
the stance mounts are being designed for the stance coils because they dont go low enough.

go FM if you need them.
Man...that looks really great! Funny that you should post the semi-finished results of your ROLL-ON paint job.

I just took off my rear panel a couple of hours ago...gonna attempt to make some progress on my paint job. The shitty part is, I don't have a garage (live in a condo), I'm taking pieces off one at a time & bringing inside to do.

Anyways, your drop, the rims, the paint job...they all look great together - a very cohesive look. Simple. Mazda's designers were geniuses, weren't they?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Yo...Derek...when do I get to sample these Stance thingies? I wanna see how it compares to my HA's.
That thing is sick. 93 S
How does it feel to be driving exactly what I wanted out of a Miata?

it looks great! how are you turn signals attatched? i used to have mine ziptied to one of the holes where the light originally screwed in, but it didn't look straight like yours do.
What wheels are you running?


niiiiice looks good
That Rust-o-Leum paint job looks sweet! That's what I'm planning to do.
the stance mounts are being designed for the stance coils because they dont go low enough.

go FM if you need them.
FM is selling Stance now? I thought they were pushing JIC...

i meant go FM mounts if you need upper shock mounts.

fm isnt selling stance.
Looks awesome! Where did you get your coilovers? Dont forget to get an alignment or you'll go through tires before you know it.
wow you guys rule, you all had something to say that i feel like i should quote and reply to. another automotive board i post on would just have 90% smartass 1 liners, and no im not trashing another miata forum so dont chalk up another one for that war.


thanks for clearing up my stance misunderstanding,

i will most definately post up pics when the paint job is finished,

the fm mounts are what i originally had in mind, so i guess i will keep that in line for the future, unless a nice set of true fully adjustable coilovers fall into my lap.

socal speedster, what are you going to do when it comes to the rear quarter panels? and removing the doors/fenders would be quite a hassle although not impossible like the rear quarter panels.

vicious s, i did the same thing, but i used two zip ties :) one to attatch the light like you had done, and then i put another zip tie through that first one and attatcehd it down below somewhere and tighted that up to align the bulb perfectly. like a daisy chain if you will... anyhow, if you need a close up pic just pm me and i will use my sisters nicer camera to snap some close-ups of that bs.

bill, they are 16x7 ssr gp-o i forgot if the offset is 32 or 35 and i cant read the stickers, originally silver spokes but they were a little beat up so i painted them black....and i am filling in my garage after i complete this post!

jdmaflac, everything was acquired via craigslist! and about that alignment...what would be ideal specs, i was planning on taking it in and telling them to get it as close to factory specs as possible... no?

thanks for all of the compliments and for not clowning on my ricer self for sacrificing suspension travel in a quest for slammage :p hey im sure i'll get sick of it before long and make it boring i mean normal looking again.
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bump steer yet?
Depends on what are your plans for the car? purpose wise. Is it your daily driver? if so, get it close to oem specs.
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