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Saw both cars in the carytown/downtownish area of Richmond tonight around 2am.
Was walking from the bottom up to Cary town and saw a TI MSM, soft top, looked like aftermarket wheels, and I could hear a BPV and axleback exhaust on it. Was pretty damn clean.

Also spotted a slammed NA on black diamond racing steelies parked on the street. Sounded like a bumpin party was goin on inside or something haha
But pretty sweet car, I dig it. Has a I love my ? (some dog breed I assume) sticker on the back window, and assorted stickers on the front.

I know both of y'all are on this site haha hit me up or something, I'm apart of a tiny car club that gathers occasionally and we have a few other miatas in our ranks, always looking for more chill people to kick it with. Seems like the car scene in Richmond is dwindling unfortunately and we're trying to prevent that, so we have small meets and such. So if you see this reply or send a pm or somethin!
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