Smog checkpoint on Beverly blvd

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For those of you traveling east on Beverly blvd just passed Norwalk blvd be advise there is a smog checkpoint. If you pass Norwalk there is still one more residential street you can turn on which is palm ave in Whittier of course...just a heads up.
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sweet! the state budget is already fucked and they dedicate a mobile dyno + manpower to test cars randomly!

smog checkpoints by day, sobriety checkpoints by night!

sketchy 'legalized' search proceedure. i didn't know police were qualified visual mechanics.

This thing has been around for years...

If you watch for awhile you'll see a trend, white cars, four doors, pick up trucks. They have two officers standing near the entrance to the ramp pointing cars in.

If you have a recent smog cert (90 days) you can show it and they'll spit you out.

If you're tagged it's a fix it ticket yes but there is no longer any free rides, it'll cost you money to have it taken care of.

And that location, if they close one lane for inspections, it'll **** up that intersection right quick. All you need is one funeral and it'll be grid lock madness.
Ricer-centric areas.

Then they lost up in this Quaker ass part of town...

Bean and ricers maybe.

I used to see these by me in Anaheim Hills all the time. I really wish the state would close all the ref stations again due to the budget. Our state is so ass backwards. They don't even offer buses for children in the public education system of LA but they'll waste everyones time commuting to work. Sure sucks they harass us on the way to work. We need to get there after all so we can earn wages that are taxed to pay for such stupid ****.

I don't get how they are allowed to profile people one the side of the road anyways. Another example of the EPA doing whatever the **** they want even though they fine people illegally? I think so!

They don't profile, they pick a particular type/color of vehicle and grab them.

Silver four doors, white pick ups, green coupes. This way they can honestly say they don't cherry pick offenders, it's just your shitty luck of the random draw.

They will pull in obvious gross polluters though, that is part of their job after all.
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