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I picked up a donner car and am parting out most of it
It has 135k miles and most parts are in great condition except the front end damage area
Located in Pomona CA 91766
Cash or Paypal payments only
Willing to ship smaller items at buyer expense
All Prices are OBO. Feel free to shoot me offers on anything
This thread will be updated as I remove more parts so check back often

Willing to trade for/ Want to buy:
Wheels 15x8 or 15x9 (open to anything at the moment)
One hollow spoke wheel

Parts Sold/ not available
Front bumper
front fenders
exhaust/ cat/ header
intake pipe/ box
floor mats
rear finish panel
driver side door
tail lights
side mirrors
trunk lid
frankenstein bolts
Rear Sub Frame
bumper lights
front left control arm
seat belts
powers steering rack
ignition and key
all relays
fuel pump assembly
clock spring
radiator fans
rear bumper
tokico suspension
oem seats
steering column
speedo cable
throttle cable
rear calipers
power steering pump
after market header
front right control arm
window seal trim
daisy wheels
rear left rotor

Parts for Sale:

$15- all 4 eyeball vents
$10- rear mirror
$10- gas lid

Tokico Illumina with tokico lowering springs with top hats

$50- 90 1.6 miata 5 spd ECU
ALL SOLD - Misc relays and switches and fuses

$30- Rear and back carpet (not the main floor section)

SOLD- front right control arm set (front left sold)
$70- Rear control arm set (all four with bolts)

$60- Front sub frame
SOLD - rear sub frame
SOLD- power steering rack and pinion
$20- soft top frame

$30- 1.6 drive shaft
SOLD- throttle body cable
$10- cruise control cable and controller
SOLD- speedometer cable
$5- gas release cable and lever
$20-OEM front sway bar with link
$20- OEM rear sway bar with link
$15- oxygen sensor
SOLD interior weather stripping trim

$30 for pair- front caliper
SOLD for pair- rear calipers
$10- Windshield wiper motor
$30- front rotors with lug studs
$20- Shifter with knob

$10 each- Miscellaneous AC and heater boxes
SOLD- steering column
SOLD for pair- headlights in red. good condition
$10 each- Headlight motor

$5 for pair- windshield wiper arms
$10- clutch slave
$30- clutch master cylinder + clutch pedal
$40- brake and gas pedal + brake master cylinder + brake booster
Sold- Radiator fans

$20- AC compressor (not sure if its working but if not can be used as a core return)
$5- AC lines
SOLD- Power steering pump + hoses

$20- axel
$20 - rear passenger side rotor and lug studs
$20 - axel + rear driver side rotor (stuck together)
$50- 1.6 open differential
$20- transmission brace with bolts

$20- Battery wire harness
$50- complete main wire harness

SOLD- ignition + key

Sparco Speed 2 seats (Im assuming replica)

custom made 4-2-1 1.6l header

OEM 90 miata seats
good condition I can get better pics upon request

Complete dash interior (dash board, pilar arms, cluster bezel, glove box, eyball vents, etc, steering wheel, air bag, other misc stuff, ALL mounting hardwhere

center console
-$20 (not shipping) has a rip on the side

5spd cluster
has 135,926 miles on it
-$50 (will ship)

AC and heat controler
all cables intact
$15 (will ship)

KYB Gr2 suspension with unknown brand stiff coilover springs and top hats

Red passenger door
great condition, almost flawless, includes power window motors
-$60 passenger only (not shipping)

red rear bumper

red trunk lid

oem 1.6 injectors
one has cracked tip
-$15 (will ship)

Clock spring assembly

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
-worked fine on my turbo miata
-$20 (will ship)

Red side mirrors

Door cards (non power window- has a hole)
the tabs on one ripped, otherwise in greats shape
-$30 for pair (not shipping)

bumper lights

license frame lights with pigtais and bulbs
-$5 (will ship)

left tail light in great condition

Text me at (808)561-8206 (my PM box gets full fast)

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do u have brackets on the seats??(sparco's)
Ya, I started on some home made brackets following a write up online but I realized you can not mount all 4 bolts with the seat all the way back (why I'm selling)

If you sit a little up then you can access the back to mount them. I will include them with the purchase but its a work in progress.
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