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At it again parting out another miata since the last one went very well
1991 white 1.6 5 spd

Located in Pomona, CA
(locals get priority but willing to ship smaller parts at buyer expense)

text me at

Also check out parts remaining from my last part out: (

WTB/ Willing to trade for:
TSI (turn signal intakes)
Torsen swap
VLSD diff
side skirts

All parts will be coming off this weekend, at which point more detailed pics will be posted.

$290- Raceland coil overs assembled with top hats and helper springs (only 5 k miles)
$400- running 1.6 engine 130k miles (will have video of it running)
$180- 5spd transmission 130k miles- no problems with it
$50 each or $80 for pair- white headlight assembly
$80- front bumper, fair condition, could use paint
$120- oem hood in excellent condition

$80- white trunk lid (great shape
$80- passenger side fender (rolled to fit 15x8)
$80- Passanger side door with manual window and regulator
$30- damaged driver side door. working window and manual regulator

$30- passenger side view mirror
$50- front sub frame
$40- front driver side control arm pair (upper and lower)
$25- power rack and pinion (need new passenger side inner tie rod)

$30- power steering pump and hoses
$60- work AC compressor
$30- all AC lines
$10- each- AC box, heater box, blower motor box

$40- center console
$50- radio trim bezel
$80- dashboard
$40- cluster

$20- cluster hood (held down by glue, broken tabs)
$30 each- door cards with speaker cover and handle
$40 each- seats
$80- complete carpet set

$60- floor mats
$90- soft top with frame (ripped rear window)
$20 each- front caliper with brake pads
$20 each, front steering knuckle with wheel studs and rotor

$80- complete intake pipe and box with filter and AFM
$80- OEM header + down pipie + heat shield
$80- OEM cat back exhaust
$100- Catalytic converter (1.6L)

$50- 1.6 open diff
$30 each- 1.6 axels
$40- 1.6 drive shaft
$90- rear bumper (good condition)

$50- cracked but in tact rear finish panel
$50 each or $80 for pair- Rear tail lights (great condition)
$30- trunk carpet
$40 each or $70 for pair- Rear brake calipers

$50 each- seat with bracket
$120- oem daisy wheels with okay tires
$20- radiator fan
$20- AC fan
$40- ECU (1.6 5 spd)

Interested in other items not listed?
shoot me a reasonable offer and its yours.

text me at

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A hand full of parts pending sale.
I will update this thread when they are paid for and picked up or shipped.

Alot of interest in race lands too.

Does this have power windows? If so PM a price shipped for the entire assembly to 98028
sorry, it has manual windows

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so your the one that picked it up! thats my buddy miata =[. the engine was recently rebuilt before the incident, not even 200 miles before the accident.

Hide yo kids hide yo wife
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If you're buying cars to part, you'll need sponsorship status to do that.

If I'm mistaken, then PM me to clear it up.
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