So i went to R*Speed yesterday....

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To get that new little bracket for the JRSC that keeps the bypass from wollowing out, and i got side tracked. I had recently been wanting to get new gauge faces, but i didnt want white... i actually didnt know what i wanted. But there, sitting on a display, were GREEN gauges from a UK company. I asked Joe how many he had sold......1 other set. So here i go again with hard to find stuff lol, i think. Anyway, the instructions were making the swap look hard...turning the car on and running it, marking the spots etc... So i did it myself and founf out that the oil, temp and fuel gauges will always go to the "off" position when let go for a min, so i skipped a few steps from the instructions and it works!!

Anyway, so now i have green gauges... lookie lookie!!!

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cool what do they look like at night?
green??? lol... they are very green... well, the numbers are. The rest looks black at night
Those look Great!!!!!

Do not tell what you paid
oh im not :D

BTW, yeah, i had to reset the gauges with the car running. It is INCREDABLY EASY to access the gauges on the NBs, much more so then i though ti would be.

thanks for the comlpiments... anyone else have green gauges??

Now to find green plug wires....
wow those would look great in my car, I like them because there not overdone
Looking good. I was there a few days ago too, picked up an order of rings to go.

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The rings look good :) I also like the painted needles!
sweet. my buddy has red ones in his NA, they look really neat when your looking in the car from outside so you can see the paint too.
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