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Long time no CR. Last time I actively ruined this forum was around five years ago with this little guy

had a 93le

wifey bombed around in a 96 black and tan

A red shortnose that had some kind of gypsy curse

Built a 92 Mariner for and with my brother when he got his license

The 91 I learned to wrench on

Not pictured - a terrible 90 mariner with a Wizdom kit that I had for a couple months. It was 2002. You kinda had to be there.

And my first MX-5, and only other NB till now, a 99 with an OEM Mazdaspeed kit

So what happened. Moved out of what was basically a sweet wrenching garage with a four post lift that had some bedrooms and stuff attached to it. Got interested in the only thing girlier than miatas, "architecture". New house had a double carport, because architecture (thanks for inventing those, Frank Lloyd Wright). And we had a second baby. And I got old. Proof: daily for last year or so has been a 997.2 midlife crisis mobile.

Doing more driving for work these days and because Nova is Nova it was starting to seem cruel. To share that burden, picked up this emerald NB2 base from a nice local gal

Looks pretty good, emerald is just a sweet color. But it's definitely a ten foot car, unless you take big steps. Then it's a twenty foot car. Again, because Nova. And it's been a Nova car all its life, records show in 2001 it was at the now defunct Rosenthal Mazda, just down the street from where we live now. And coincidentally, the first owner was the next door neighbor of my wife's parents over in Chantilly.

The car - plus side it came with some surprisingly good Vmaxx's, a joyfast knob, some Revlimiter bits, and the timing belt was done. On the downside, mechanically it's pretty tired. Exhausted really. Maybe has mono. The steering is loose, and the brake and clutch pedals feel like they are squeezing a nerf football rather than moving any fluid around. Tested the fluids with a probe and they were basically water plus brown. The grapefruit cannon exhaust is loud af and made off with a bunch of torques from lack of backpressure.

So what are we gonna be doing here. To start with over the next couple weeks, making all those downsides go away.

* An extended braided clutch line, new clutch slave, and ATE flush for the left pedal

* ATE flush for the brakes

* Depower a donor steering rack, welding the pinion, with prothane rack mount bushings and new inner/outer tie rods

* Replace the cannon with a Megan axleback, a stock layout muffler with 2.5" pipe meant for the MSM.

* Retrofit some 5000k xenons into the projectors so you can like, see stuff at night.

After hopefully there's time to fit a Hard Dog and rebuild the shifter before winter kicks me out of the carport.

Anyways, I'm glad to be back at CR and in another of these awesome cars.
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