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Just like the title states, raise your hand if you're an Anime nut and what shows/movies you like if you want to get that technical :mrgreen:

I basically like any and all anime.

*edit* I'll add in what I've liked thus far siunce I just wanted to get an Anime post up for everyone :mrgreen: *

Witch Hunter Robin
Samurai Champloo
Afro Samurai - not really Japanese anime, but Samuel L. Jackson is the man
Ghost in the Shell - all series
Eureka 7
Wangan Midnight - only 2 episodes that I've seen and it's great
Initial D
Akira - the best animation and from the 80's!!
Fooly Cooly
Full Metal Alchemist
YuYu Hakasho
One Piece
Cowboy BeBop
Blue Gender
Blood - I think that's what it's called on Adult Swim
Shin Chan - I laugh @ the stupidest sh!t
Rurouni Kenshin

that's all I can think of now :?

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yes, hentai counts LOL

Im a huge anime buff, you can find me on h-t's anime thread.

Current list of anime im watching:
bleach 135
Naruto Shippuuden 21
Prince of Tennis OVA 12
Shuffle! Memories 1
D.Gray man 40
claymore 17
code geass 24
Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny 04
kaibutsu oujo 7
murder princess 5
blue dragon 7
Gurren Lagann 17
devil may cry 6
wangan midnight 3
seto no hanayome 16
Hayate no Gotoku 17
Katekyo Hitman Reborn 27
kenichi**** 40
Nagasarete Airantou 15
darker than black 15
school days 3

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yes I like it. Havent seen some of them so I cant say which I like the best.

I really like any of them with a good story line

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Cartoons are for children!

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I'm a Huge Gundam Wing fan! As for the rest of my collection....Hmm..

Cowboy Bebop
Wolf's Rain
Serial Experiments Lain
(Anything by Miyazaki)
Blue Gender
Outlaw Star
Witch Hunter Robin
Baki the Grappler
Initial D

I have some more, but can't remember them.

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+1 on the Gundam Wing. My fav anime so far.

I've seen Gundam X, G Gundam (its alrite)
Gravion this one's good.
Yakitate Japan! Haha this is a comedy one. It's about bread making turned into competetive battling. You guys should check it out. Funny as hell.

Basically i watch any robot, fighting, hentai anime. hehe

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Can't remember everything that I've watched but I like quite a bit of what JDM listed. I'd recommend Black Lagoon and Melancholy of Haruhi if you have not seen them yet.
OMG, I cant wait for the 2nd season of haruhi this fall!

Another good mecha IMO is eureka 7 and code geass. Gurren Lagann is also very good and a recomendation. A new series of gundam is coming out soon called "gundam 00" i believe. Theres a preview on youtube.
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