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My landlord kicked us out!

MTD is moved to Sonique's @

9381 Carnation Dr.
Westminster, CA


Call me at 714-724-2220 if you need help finding us!


Tech Days are events where the more experienced among us pass our Roadster repair wisdom unto the newbies.

On this week's schedule, Mr. Sonique will be demonstrating for us replacement of the clutch master and slave cylinders and how to bleed the clutch fluid line.

Then, Mr. Dicker will show us how to remove Stance coilovers and toss them into the nearest dumpster.


J/K. Seriously, he's just going to replace the broken adjuster on one of them.

Come on down and use our tools and experience for your own projects on your Roadster. Or just hang out and distract us while we're trying to work. Everyone's welcome.

Note: call ahead if you have an extremely lowered car so we can set up speed bump ramps to help you get into the rear (of the apartment complex).

Map to GRM:

Time: 10-4

RSVP: [email protected]

Phone: 714-724-2220

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Full-Bore Motorsports said:
Like to old Adee Do plumbing ads on tv.
Oh, snap!

It's an L.A. thing, we grew up with these incessant TV commercials on local stations.

Various people would ask the camera where they could get their plumbing problems fixed, and this lame guy keeps appearing saying in a really gay voice, "ADEE DO!"

Through sheer repetition, the expression became ingrained in the SoCal vernacular...

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