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Starting this weekend and then twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Sundays...

3 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Super Autobacs @ Beach Bl. north of 22 freeway in Stanton

Google Map:,+Stanton,+CA+90680

Obviously, we need to change the KINOD weekly Friday night meet in City of Industry during the upcoming cold and wet winter months. It's not going to be much fun standing around in a dark, cold, wet parking lot every Friday night.

Why you'll like this meet location and time...

1 TIME OF DAY: daytime, so we can see what the hell we're looking at and don't freeze our asses off in the winter

2) DAY OF THE WEEK: on the weekend, not Friday night; so people who work M-F and are beat by Friday night can be relaxed when they're at the meet; so people don't have to sit in bumper-to-bumper Friday night freeway traffic; and because some people have religious issues with Friday nights

3) AREA: the poll results showed that the majority of SOCAL members (at least those who cared enough to bother to vote in the poll, let alone actually come to a meet) live in NOC and SGV; NOC is centrally located geographically in SOCAL

4) VENUE: Super Autobacs, because it's freeway close (22 and Beach Bl.); establishing a regular presence there will create an awareness of the existence of our forum and attract new members by osmosis; when it rains, we can take over the lounge upstairs and watch drifting DVDs on their big screen TV; FYI, we had our biggest turnout of 20-30 cars when we met at SAB once before on 9/8/06 (

5) FREQUENCY: I feel meeting every other week is often enough; declining attendance at KINOD showed that people were getting burned out coming every single week

6) EATING: after meeting for a couple of hours in the late afternoon, when it gets dark and cold we can go get something to eat; there are lots of good restaurants in the area: a great pizza place and Red Robin right there in the same mall with SAB; other local places: Mimi's, Sizzler, Hof's Hut, Tom's Tacos, Zankou Chicken, etc.

I look forward to seeing you guys 10/22!


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Anyone coming to this? I'm pooped after being up until 4 am at Tech Day but I guess I have to show up since I planned it.


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how about last sunday of every month?


edit: saturday instead, cause some ppl go to church on sundays
My response...
Daylight Saving Time ends next Sunday so it's going to get even darker and colder earlier.
I expect KINOD attendance will dwindle and people will still want to meet maybe not every week, but more than once a month, that's why I suggested every other week.
Many of us have work or school on Saturday, leaving Sunday as our only "play day" of the week.
Those who do church on Sunday (not I) would do that in the AM through lunch. 3 pm seems enough later in the day for people to do both G.O.D and J.D.M.
The ends of November and December have holidays when people have other commitments.
At least for November, let's do the 5th and 19th.
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